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DENSO Flood Tape

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Sealing Tape to Prevent Water Ingress

A specially formulated, high tack, cold applied petrolatum tape for sealing gaps where water
may ingress. Non-woven synthetic fabric carrier fully impregnated and coated with neutral
petrolatum based compounds, inert siliceous fillers, adhesion promoted butyl rubber based
resins all dissolved in solvent based vehicles.

Used for sealing around windows, doors and frames to reduce the ingress of water and
silt as a result of rising water levels or flooding; can be used as a “stand alone” product or
applied prior to sandbagging; can be molded around corners and shaped into mastic balls
and pushed into nooks and crevices; can protect exposed surfaces from the surrounding
environment by making intimate contact with the entire exposed substrate.

• Stable over a wide temperature range, non hardening or cracking
• Accommodates vibration and movement of substrate
• Highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis and salts
• Adheres to steel work, timber, glass, painted surfaces and most plastics
• Limited surface preparation required
• High tack properties ensures excellent surface contact for short term periods
• Easily removed when no longer required

Brush away loose dirt, dust and any flaky materials. Surfaces may be damp but any droplets
or films of water should be dried off. A minimum 2 in. (50mm) overlap onto solid surfaces is
recommended for structural gaps of up to 2 in. (50mm). For larger gaps of up to 4 in. (100mm)
consideration should be given to filling the gap with lengths of tape molded into mastic,
to provide backing support, then again a minimum 2 in. (50mm) overlap of tape should be
applied onto adjacent surfaces. Apply tape without overstretching. Apply heavily coated
side of the tape to the adjacent gap surfaces. Smooth down and mold by hand, especially
overlapped edges. Remove tape when waters recede. Clean up residues with methylated

4” x 33’ x 18 rolls/case
6” x 33’ x 12 rolls/case