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Eastman Turbo Oil - 2197 5gallon

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Eastman™ Turbo Oil 2197


Size - 5 Gallon Bucket 



Aeroderivative engine


Engine Accessories


Key Attributes

5 cSt High Thermal Stability synthetic lubricant

High temperature cleanliness

Outstanding Oxidative, Thermal and Hydrolytic stability


Product Description

Eastman™ Turbo Oil 2197 is designed to exceed the demand of current and future turbine engines. With over 400 million hours of in-flight experience, it is by far the most widely used HTS fleet oil in the world. 

Eastman™ Turbo Oil 2197 is AS5780 HPC / MIL-PRF-23699 HTS class, 5 cSt turbine oil for the most thermally demanding engine and accessory applications.