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Kilopoise - 36013 / 36048

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High Viscosity Damping Grease


  • KILOPOISE damping grease will not harden allowing continuous adjustment
  • Damping action allows smooth precise movement
  • Increases clearances and tolerances on mating parts
  • Provides an excellent and effective seal against moisture
  • KILOPOISE has extremely low volatility, therefore the product remains unchanged over long periods.
  • Remains unchanged over long periods
  • Will not support fungal growth
  • Does not contain silicone

KILOPOISE is an extremely high viscosity damping lubricant that is designed to change the dynamics between moving parts allowing tight and smooth motion.

High viscosity damping greases are recommended for use on highly sensitive mechanisms where fine adjustments are made by hand or where free motion is required to be damped.

The KILOPOISE range can be used for the lubrication of slides, gears and threads on instruments to impart smooth positive movement with a ‘silky’ feel by providing damping and increased friction/drag.

Kilipoise 0868 - 36013 - 450g