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VG-HPL Water repellent, biodegradable valve lubricant

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ROCOL® VG-HPL is a high performance, water repellent, valve lubricant manufactured from biodegradable and renewable raw materials.

ROCOL VG-HPL is biodegradable and is designed to be broken down into harmless substances by the action of micro-organisms should it be released into the environment.
ROCOL VG-HPL contains lubricating solids, corrosion inhibitors and tackiness additives which give excellent load carrying properties, corrosion protection and adhesion characteristics.

  •  ROCOL VG-HPL has a wide temperature range of -30°C to +120°C.
  •  ROCOL VG-HPL has excellent high load and anti-wear properties.
  •  ROCOL VG-HPL exhibits outstanding corrosion protection.
  •  ROCOL VG-HPL is suitable for all oilfield & petrochemical applications
  •  ROCOL VG-HPL is highly resistant to water wash-off even in steam or salt water environments.
  • ROCOL VG-HPL is manufactured from biodegradable and renewable raw materials.

Size 18kg pails - PN 19068