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Chain & Drive Spray - 22001

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  • Unbeatable superior corrosion protection
  • Unique additive system tested for over 200 hours in industry standard salt spray test
  • Outstanding EP performance with a weld load of 200kg
  • Ideal for wet, humid and hostile conditions
  • Good water displacing properties
  • Extends lubrication intervals
  • Good adhesion reducing dripping and fling off
  • Highly water repellent
  • Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Ideal for high speed application
  • Approved to RAF, Royal Navy and NATO Standards
  • Temperature range -30ºC to +150ºC
  • 300ml Aerosol

ROCOL CHAIN & DRIVE Spray is a highly versatile, high performance, chain lubricant spray suitable for all types of drive and conveyor chains in a convenient aerosol can.

The unique formula of ROCOL CHAIN & DRIVE Spray is designed to ensure maximum performance for penetration, lubrication and exceptional corrosion protection in hostile environments.

ROCOL's in-house laboratory tests demonstrate that after undergoing 200 hours at 35 degrees Celsius ROCOL CHAIN & DRIVE Spray shows unbeatable corrosion protection with no signs of corrosion.


NSN 9150992249426