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Fast Drying, No Residue Cleaner for Crack Detection Systems

  • Cuts through dirt, grease and grime
  • Zero residue
  • Prepares surface for non destructive testing
  • Multi-angle valve system for cleaning hard to reach areas

FLAWFINDER Non-destructive inspection system is designed to provide a fast, reliable method for visual detection of cracks or flaws which would not normally be visible to the naked eye. Ideal for the inspection of welded joints, castings, forgings etc.

FLAWFINDER Cleaner Spray is an aerosol applied cleaner used as part of the NDT crack detection system for pre-use cleaning. It can also be used for the easy removal of FLAWFINDER DYE PENETRANT and FLAWFINDER DEVELOPER Sprays.

It is also an effective general purpose cleaner.