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Precision Crack Detection Developer Spray

  • Highly visible white powder for strong definitions
  • Highly absorbent white film for rapid results
  • Highlights very fine cracks
  • Sharp indication and geometry of defect to the naked eye
  • Suitable for pressure testing & leak detection
  • Can be used on most materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, ceramics, plastics, carbides, brass, copper and magnesium
  • Can act as anti-glare spray when 3D scanning

FLAWFINDER DEVELOPER is an aerosol applied white powder which is designed to draw the penetrant out of a flaw, and enhance the definition, to facilitate detection when used in conjunction with FLAWFINDER DYE PENETRANT and FLAWFINDER CLEANER SPRAYS.

FLAWFINDER is designed to provide a fast reliable method for visual detection of cracks or flaws which would not normally be visible to the naked eye. Ideal for the inspection of welded joints, castings, forgings etc…

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