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Sapphire Endure

Original price $245.00 - Original price $26,800.00
Original price
$245.00 - $26,800.00
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Premium Extreme Temperature Resistant Grease


  • Extreme chemical and solvent resistance
  • Resists caustic wash down
  • Greatly extends lubrication intervals
  • Excellent load carrying and anti-wear properties
  • Approved by Rolls Royce for use on Harrier Pegasus Thrust Nozzle Drive Mechanism. Also approved for Submarine Clearance
  • Extremely stable at high temperatures – temperature range of -25°C to +280°C
  • NSF H1 Registered
  • ISO 21469 Certified
  • DETEX technology – x-ray and metal detectable plastic aerosol caps and actuators reduces risk of plastic contamination
  • HALAL Certified

Extreme performance, perfluorinated polyether, extreme pressure grease fortified with PTFE. Designed to operate where conventional greases fail due to temperature or chemical attack.