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Wireshield Clear Wire Rope Lubricant - 20054

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Clear Wire Rope Lubricant

  • For a VGP Compliant wire rope lubricant, please see BIOGEN WIRESHIELD
  • Excellent lubrication properties reduce wear on wires and strands, maximizing service life
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Highly resistant to water wash-off
  • Thin, non-tacky film prevents build up of dust and dirt
  • Clean and pleasant to use
  • Translucent film allows easier and more effective rope inspection
  • Does not drip or fling off due to the pseudo-plastic rheology
  • Temperature range -30 to +100°C

Initially appearing as a translucent amber gel WIRESHIELD is designed to transform into a fluid like consistency under shear. This transformation eases application and improves penetration to the rope core.


Part Code 20054 - 18kg

Part Code 20058 - 160kg