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Densyl Tape Installation on Hydraulic Fittings and Equipment

Densyl Tape application on Hydraulic Fittings and Equipment

No training or experience necessary - No specialty tools Required

We had an opportunity to display a tutorial on our most popular product - Densyl Tape. The tape can be used on almost all surfaces to provide long term protection from weather and corrosion.

This tape has been proven and tested in the offshore oil and gas industry, boating, logging/forestry, underground piping installations, waste water plants, suspension bridge cables or for residential applications such as tractors, docks, wood chippers/splitters, plow trucks, salt/sanding trucks and a wide range of exposed hardware.


Below is a step by step process we use to protect a wide range of equipment and installations from not only corrosion, but from the elements of dirt and dust contamination leaving each application clean and preserved until the tape is removed.


We will demonstrate the uses and application of 4" Densyl Tape on hydraulic hose connections, bolts and a large fuel injector.

Densyl Tape - Prevention of Corrosion

No specialty tools required







No specialty tools are required.

 Prepare surfaces by removing all loose scale, rust or other foreign matter.

Prepare equipment

Densyl Tape removal from packaging








Don disposable gloves if desired and remove the Densyl Tape from the original packaging.


Cut tape to length with scissors or utility knife. Length is dependent on diameter or application; ensure enough length overall for a minimum 55% overlap in each turn. Multiple individual lengths may be used when wrapping.

Cut tape to length

Denso Paste








Apply a light coat of Denso Paste (Primer) onto the fitting. This may be applied by gloved hand, rag or brush.


Hand apply Densyl Tape around fitting or equipment. Ensure a 55% minimum overlap and use slight tension to ensure tape is tight to the surface.

Fitting wrapped with Denso Tape

Fitting wrapped in Densyl Tape - Complete








When applying tape, smooth out all overlaps to ensure coverage, pushing out all air pockets.


Prepared equipment prior to Densyl Tape install for preservation or field install.

Equipment before application

Densyl Tape installed






Long lasting and field proven corrosion prevention keeping dirt, grime and weather away from contamination of surfaces.


Densyl Tape will not expire or dry out - Keep original packaging for reuse.
Densyl Tape 4"



Densyl Tape


Denso Tape Estimate Quantity

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