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Residential Application - Installing Densyl Tape on hydraulic Connections - Corrosion Prevention

We took a moment to install Densyl Tape - All Purpose on our tractor and wood splitter hydraulic fittings for corrosion prevention.

We wrapped the fitting in an effort to mitigate dirt, road salt and environmental condition fatigue or corrosion damage to the exposed fitting.

The benefit of applying Densyl Tape is short/long term corrosion prevention and protecting fittings from debris and contamination. Removal of Densyl Tape allows the user to access clean, uncontaminated and non corroded fittings or hardware for inspection or removal. Unlike a liquid or gel spray application to these fittings, the tape molds and contours to the metal surface and protects the exposed metals in all environments - extreme low temperatures to high temperatures, wet or dry, buried or exposed. Tape will not be removed when equipment is washed down, exposed to elements, high speed winds, rain, snow, branches, grass or hay.

Densyl Tape is applied straight from the roll onto wet or dry metal surfaces. Typical installs may be on forklifts, tractors, agricultural equipment, plow trucks/fittings, sand trucks/fittings, hydraulic power units on dump trailers or waste management trucks, logging equipment, wood splitters, boat trailers, farm equipment, exposed hardware on decks/buildings/bridges and docks.

Densyl Tape applications are endless for corrosion prevention.

Give us a call or email us for proper application and technical sales. or 207-240-0449.

Densyl Tape has been proven effective for protection of valves, fittings, flanges and other similar metals for over 80 years in marine, agricultural, bridge and structures, aviation and residential use.

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